I’ve been freelancing for a good number of years and as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience I feel its time to step things up. I have also come to a conclusion that I am very interested in post-production. This has aspired me to be a professional Film/Video Editor. In bid for improvement, I’ve been trying to find employment for this role. I feel this would give me the opportunity to further gain work experience, depth knowledge and specific insights into the industry/organisations.

Now I have an engaging portfolio, my attempts¬†in finding employment have improved. This has helped build my confidence because I feel there’s a chance I will get the opportunity to show my capability and become a respected member in the business. I hope one day I will have the opportunity but until then, the journey continues and I plan to freelance, create a few more short films and collaborations with other filmmakers, in order to improve my skills, work experience and extend my portfolio.


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