I had the privilege to work amongst a well experienced cast and crew to help create an independent feature film entitled Roofied. This was written by Sammie Lei and starred actslike, Dave Courtney, George Newton, Matt Legg and Luing Andrew.

The story is about a waitress named Lucy, who’s on the search of her friend and roommate Misty. During her search she goes through several obstacles until she finds the truth of her whereabouts. This was given the opportunity to work along side Sammie as Co-Director and Producer. I was nervous but I knew that this was a big opportunity and I couldn’t let that hold me back. My main ambition is to work in the film/tv industry because all aspects of media are huge passion of mine. They give me the ability to express myself in a creative and positive way. With that in mind, I took a chance and assist with the project to the best of my ability.

I received positive feedback and it enlighten my spirit. I’m human, so time to time I tend to have doubts but this alone demonstrates anything is possible if you try. I learnt that I cant let doubt and failure outweigh my ability to be creative. During the project, there have been some creative differences but it was all a learning curve, and I hope as a Co-Director and Producer, I have done my part and assist in helping the project’s vision come to life on the big screen. Check the Behind the Scenes link below for a visual presentation of the soon to be released project

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